• Tze Wei

    Tze Wei is a husband and he has been coaching clients since 2012! Tze Wei Lim holds a Master's in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's in Exercise and Sports Science. He specializes in strength and conditioning, weightlifting, and sustainable weight loss. Tze Wei’s approach integrates realistic fitness and nutrition plans tailored to individual lifestyles, ensuring lasting results. He has held various roles, including Sustainable Weight Loss Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach, and has managed fitness centers, developed training programs, and worked with diverse populations. 

  • Firdaus

    Firdaus has over 8 years in the health industry, with specialized certifications in weight loss and sports therapy. He has established himself as a trusted weight loss specialist with a strong background in pain management, having worked at Shangri-La Group. His science-based approach to sustainable weight loss, nutrition and pain management ensures sustainable and effective results for clients.

  • Mo

    9 Years in the health and wellness space, working with top dieticians, physiotherapist & scientist in Singapore. Successfully growing his own wellness business with thousands of 5 star reviews on Amazon generating millions of dollars yearly.

  • Shaira

    Shaira has been in the health & wellness space since 2019, serving hundreds of clients. She prides herself in connecting with her clients on a very personal level where she enjoys working with them as a whole, to meet their goals on their journey. Her mission is to show that weight loss doesn't have to feel impossible and you can give up those fad diets once and for all. 

  • Yuming

    Yuming is a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach and Yoga Teacher. She cares about people unfolding into their authentic selves and connecting with what truly matters to them. She sees clients as innately whole and takes a holistic mindbodyspirit approach. She believes sustainable transformation and healing comes through loving awareness of our pain, struggles, dreams and gifts, both individually and collectively.

  • Nathan

    Nathan was a PT for over 10 years, clocking up over thousands of PT hours before deciding to make the move to online coaching. He is known for his strategic leadership at Gold’s Gym Singapore, and fiercely passionate about helping people. Nathan works with clients to improve all areas of your fitness, nutrition and specialises in fat loss & post natal care. 

  • Kieren

    Meet Kieren! With over 12 years of experience in the fitness and wellness space and a deep understanding of anxiety and stress management, he ensures that clients not only achieve their physical goals but also enhance their mental well-being. He has served over 200+ clients, worked at the top institutions -Les Mills New Zealand & Fitness First Australia, and even placed at a Men’s Physique competition. He has completed his education at Duke University and furthering his studies now for Biomedical Science.