• Tze Wei

    Tze Wei is a husband and olympian weight lifting coach! Worked with hundreds of clients ranging from weight loss to pain management the past 11 years. He is holds a Masters in Exercise Science and multiple other fitness and nutrition certifications. 

  • Firdaus

    7 years of experience in the health industry, Mohammad Firdaus is a dedicated individual who has helped numerous people with different walks of life to achieve pain free movement with great amount of flexibility. He is a firm believer in evidence-based approach to help clients. 

  • Mo

    8 years of experience in the health industry, working with top physiotherapist and dietician in Singapore. Successfully grow his own wellness business generating millions of dollars profit yearly. 

  • Shaira

    Shaira has been in the health & wellness space for over 4 years, serving hundreds of clients. She prides herself in connecting with her clients on a very personal level where she enjoys working with them as a whole, to meet their goals on their journey. 

  • Nathan

  • Kar Yip